Student Showcase


Silent, But Knowing
A collective voice poem from PJA’s fifth grade
December 2011

Trees are our guardians, friends, brothers, sisters, ancestors
Enchanting, they stand there, watching over us always
Twirling into twining and twiggy knots
Alive with crawling, creeping critters

So much the same, yet unique
Their rings show life but also death
They are silent but knowing bystanders

Trees are people, too
They are hard and wooden, yet fragile
People leave marks on trees, but they also leave marks on leaves

Trees provide many things:
Cones that cannot alert, needles that cannot sew
Leaves that cannot leave until they fall in fall
Too tired to hang on
Floating down like snow

A tree…what can it be?

I am a leafy fortress, high above the ground, remaining unseen
I have the roots of my grandfather, a sturdy and wise tree
Just because I can’t speak, they think I have no say
If you cut me down, I am gone forever

Jungle gym, play structure, a place to hide
Curved trunk dancing to the melody of wind ~
A melody that only trees, alongside, harmonize

They help us, and we destroy them
Is this a fair balance?
Unlike us, trees try to see through the thick tangle of malice
Stiff, silent, and watching, not protesting
Only watching as they are chopped, whittled, and burned

Standing tall and silent
Indulgent gift to the world
The hope of tomorrow