Moon Journals: May 7-June 4, 2012
Lev's Moon Facts Collage

Moon Musings
Day 3 ~ May 7, 2012
A Collection of Fifth Graders' Questions About the Moon

Is the Sea of Tranquility a real sea?
What color is the moon, and why?
Why do people think that the moon is made of cheese?
How did the idea that the full moon sparks werewolf activity come to be?
Is there a “dark side” of the moon?
How many craters are there on the moon and how were they made?
Has anyone ever died on the moon?
How many people have been on the moon?
What is more important: the moon or the sun?
Is the moon more spherical or elliptical?
Is the moon hot or cold?
What is the land mass of the moon?
What is the circumference of the moon?
How far away is the moon and how do you measure the distance?
What is the moon made of?
What are the changes of the moon rock faces?
Can bacteria survive on the moon?
What other countries have sent people to the moon?
How was the moon discovered?
How many spaceships were sent to the moon?
How does the moon glow?
When was the first time someone successfully landed on the moon?
How old is the moon?
How many cows could make the milk to make cheese the size of the moon?
How do beliefs about the moon vary in different cultures?
What are the diameter and circumference of the moon?
How many people would it take to wrap their arms around the moon?
How many books have been written about the moon?
How did people figure out the basic facts of the moon?
Why does the moon have craters?
What is an eclipse?
How much money did it cost to get Apollo II?
How did the moon get created?


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