Dear 5th Grade Families,
As part of our Purim celebration we will be exchanging mishloach manot.
Please bring these items in by Wednesday March 7th. All items (other than fruit) must be individually packaged and be marked with a hechsher (kosher symbol).
(If you have already brought your item, I did not include you on the list)
8 fruit leathers:
8 clementines
- Lev
- Sam
- Taliana
- Roni
8 granola bars
- Abby M.
- Josh
8 pudding cups
- Seth
- Joaquin
- Karly
- Eli
We also encourage all families to participate in performing the mitzva of matanot l’evyonim (gifts to the poor to allow them to celebrate Purim in a festive way). We will be collecting the tzedaka on Purim day, March 8th.