Ivrit - Hebrew

Our Hebrew textbook is Aleph Bet, Children Learn Hebrew by, Irit Talmud.
This text is currently used in the middle school, and we are bringing it into 5th grade.


In addition to working in our textbook we do creative writing exercises, dialogues and listen to music.

Here are links to youtube video "flashcards" for Hebrew vocabulary. Turn on your speakers and repeat the words as you hear them.
Clothing Flashcards
Animal Flashcards
Fruit Flashcards
Body Parts Flashcards
Food Flashcards
Entertainment Flashcards

Listen to the dialogues that the students recorded
Hebrew Dialogues

Israeli and Hebrew Music
This page has many great songs, so far we have listened to:
  • Shir Israeli

Here are the audio slideshows prepared by the students:
Photo Story Project