This Week's Homework / Reminders:

May 28-June 1

  • Continue working toward completion of your fifth book review, if not yet completed -- all week!
  • Moon Journal ~ Writing Invitation: Guidebook to the Moon -- due Friday
Art Invitation: Illustrations for Guidebook to the Moon -- due Friday
  • Math worksheet 206/207 -- due Wednesday
  • No spelling or Wordly Wise this week
  • Complete pp. 229 and 230 in the EMJ, if not completed in class
  • News Team E (Seth, Joshua, Isaac) presents next Wednesday, June 6
  • Continue working on Guidebook to the Moon assignment and other Moon Journal catch-up
  • Continue working on Guidebook to the Moon and other Moon Journal catch-up

A Typical Week of Homework in Fifth Grade


  • Wordly Wise assigned and work begun in class -- due Thursday; quiz Thursday

  • Math practice -- due Tuesday


  • Spelling assigned and work begun in class -- due Friday; quiz Friday


  • News Team assigned for the following week. (Each group presents once every five weeks.)

  • Review Wordly Wise vocabulary and word origins for Thursday quiz


  • Review spelling words for Friday quiz

Ongoing Assignments:

  • Students are expected to read independently for approximately 30 minutes each night at home. They can catch up on the weekends.

  • Students will be expected to present a book review based on their independent reading selections approximately once every six weeks. This expectation will vary, depending on our schedule for whole-class literature books.

  • Students are expected to prepare a News Team presentation based on a current event, once every five weeks.

  • The rhythm of our weekly homework will be interrupted when students have ongoing projects that require extra work at home, such as the Circle Project and Moon Journal.

  • Generally, students are expected to complete unfinished classwork at home, unless we have made other arrangements.


I understand that each student faces a different set of after-school and family commitments that can make the above schedule a hardship. I am happy to work with individual students to make adjustments on due dates and expectations in order to accommodate individual needs.