This project is about…

Finding out who you truly are;
searching and discovering pieces of yourself you never thought you could find.
It’s about being curious, asking questions, and being your own detective.

It’s about finding that piece of your life that can change the way you see your family.

This project is about preserving the stories of our ancestors.
If we don’t, they will be lost.
It’s about reminding us of who we are and what we came from.
It’s about creating a future by keeping the past.

This project is about your family story and all that connects you.
The story is like the bones to your being.
The panels are snapshots of memories.
The narratives are like letters to the future.
And the artifact label is a wink at the past.

This project is about finding your family history and expressing it in your own way,
with feeling, passion, and paint.