Heirlooms & Artifacts Unit

This project is about…

This project is about family stories and challenges; hard work, pressure, and preparation; learning, searching, and finding. It’s about looking ahead and sprinting toward the finish line; appreciating yourself and your family.

This project is about discovering who you truly are, and the miracle that you’re still here. It’s about trying more than you can try and doing more than you can do.

This project is about frustration, tears, and sweat; the pressure of a museum lying on your shoulders; one thing after another; and feeling lost in the trees…then finally stepping out to admire your beautiful forest!

This project is about expressing your past through paint.

This project is about perseverance, overcoming hopelessness, and thinking more than you can think. It is about recognizing needs and stepping up higher than you can step. It is about trying more than you can try. It is about having more will than you actually have. It is about dispelling doubt and not letting it hinder your work by plaguing your conscience and stealing your will.

After all our troubles, the final product is truly astonishing. We learned why we are who we are, and who we could have been.

This project is about learning to spend time wisely. It’s about appreciating your own artwork and how to get there. You cry, then think, then finally, you problem-solve. At the end, you are so glad you figured it out!
~Abby G.

This project is about bursting through walls into a land of milk and honey. It’s about continuing to the end, keeping on going, and feeling both passion and dread!

This project is about going the extra mile and working hard. It’s about learning to do the best you can, which might not be perfect. It’s about being able to deal with some criticism, and knowing it’s there to help you.
~Abby M.

This project is about putting all your effort into something, but not always getting the best result. It’s about trying your hardest because you know it’s going in a museum.

From interview to artifact, from I am From to I Am, this project is about stories of friends, family, and joy.

This project is about tears of frustration, later becoming an easy-going laugh. It is a golden cage that traps people, later to become revealing.
This project is about so much hard work and stress, but when you’re done, you are so proud, and it’s the coolest school unit you’ve done.

This project is about meeting and connecting with family you have never had before and comparing their past to your present and future. It’s about the blood, sweat, and tears to cover up the white, not spill the paint, and get done for those darn deadlines!

This project is about making sense of all the stories and tales you’ve heard as a child and putting them together into a work of art. It’s about working through stress, frustration, and annoyance, and persevering through the making of a masterpiece.

This project is about timeless treasure; bringing together families; and memories from the past, now being honored by the future. It’s about trying and trying, again and again; weaving stories through art; creativity; frustration, and that aha moment, when you finally get it right…the way you dreamed it would be!

This project is about forging futures, holding forever memories, being endlessly polished, and finding out truly where you are from. It’s about digging deeper into the ground that holds your family roots and discovering a new layer of yourself.
~ Lily

This project is about feeling the happiness, glory, and imaginary fanfare of completion!




Below are the documents included in your child's H & A envelope. Also listed are helpful websites for further research.

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