Parshat Beshalach: Shmot 13:17 – 17:16
Assigned: Monday, January 30th – the 6th of Shvat
DUE: FRIDAY, February 3rd – the 10th of Shvat
1) Why, according to the beginning of the parsha, did God lead Bnai Yisrael on the “scenic” (longer) route out of Mitzrayim?
2) When Bnai Yisrael was traveling, what led them?
a. By night_
b. By day__
3) a) What was Pharoah’s response to Bani Yisrael’s exodus from Mitzrayim?
b) What evidence do we have in the text that Pharoah was not acting out of his own free will?
4) Shirat Hayam (The Song of the Sea) is the praise that Moshe sings after crossing the sea. List at least 3 examples of figurative language that appear in this poem (15:1 – 19).
5) After crossing the sea, what is the first difficulty that Bnai Yisrael encounters?
6) List two of the rules associated with the gathering of the man:
7) Who is the first enemy that Bnai Yisrael encounters?
8) What does Moshe do with his body that affects the outcome of the battle?